YouTube Series - Jay's Intro to AI

Check out the first video in my new series introducing the general public to AI and machine learning.

My aim for this series is to help people integrate ML into their world-view away from all the hype and overpromises that plauge the topic.

This first video is a gentle visual introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and some of its key commercial applications. In this first video, we explain the simple trick that lies at the heart of the majority of AI/machine learning applications. Learn how to think about prediction, and how major companies apply it to make trillions of dollars.


0:28 Why learn about AI?

2:47 What is AI?

3:44 Where machine learning intersects with business

4:02 The simple trick at the heart of it all

4:45 Simple prediction example using machine learning

7:07 The ingredients of prediction: Features, labels, datasets, models, and weights

7:56 Examples of prediction in business that generated over a $trillion

I’ve been wanting to create YouTube videos for a while. I rely on YouTube for a lot of my own learning in ML and various other topics. I intend to cover the overlap of AI and business as a lot of people consider the topic for how it might effect their careers (or for technical people, how they may gain the skills of the field).

I would really love to dive into some advanced topics later on the life of the channel. But my first priority now is to get a few introductory videos out. There’s a lot of needless complexity that people need to sort through to get a sense of what ML really does. I want to do something about that.

Exciting times ahead!

Written on May 14, 2020